Helping small businesses succeed ....


Welcome to Social Sense Digital Marketing LLC!

Having been born and raised in the Chippewa Valley I am lucky enough to know the importance of small business in our communities. After graduating from CVTC’s Digital Marketing Program in May 2019, I made the decision to start my own business to help the small local businesses in the area become more established in the world of social media.

By effectively using websites and social media platforms I will help your business continue to grow and increase the knowledge of your brand. I have a few extra skills which include photography, Adobe Premier Pro to create videos, Lightroom and Photoshop, that may also be useful to your business.

My goal is to help local businesses that want to become more involved in social media and website usage at a reasonable cost. The use of social media is so powerful if you learn how to use it properly. I truly have created this business to be able to help small businesses build brand awareness and bring current information to their customers, I am looking forward to growing with you.

Kim Schmid- Owner of Social Sense Digital Marketing LLC